Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tyler's Birthday

Yes, Tyler's birthday was in September; however, I just found these pics on my phone and thought I'd share! He got to choose where to eat his birthday dinner and so he picked Mt. Fuji, a (very expensive) teppan grill and sushi place in town. Yes, it was over the budget and no, they did not have a kids menu... but it was actually worth it. The kids were sooo well behaved, handled the chopsticks beautifully (with trainers, of course!) and two out of three of them tried the sushi! They had a great time and it was nice to finally be at a place where we can take our boys out to a nice restaurant and know they will behave and enjoy it! Well done boys and good choice Tyler! Happy 11 years old (now that you are 11 and a half!)


Jillyboo said...

I cant believe that your boys ate sushi!!! Its pretty impressive.

Montana Wilkins said...

Ahh. Things to look forward to! We took the kids to Applebee's last week and Luke escaped to the other side of the restaurant before we even realized he was gone! Mt. Fuji's sounds really yummy and like a treat for you and Blaine not to have to go to McD's or something like that!

Wilkins Family said...

yeah, anything except McD's!! Start slow, like Chipotle (where it is loud and no one will stare but no playplace and you have to sit down) and then you upgrade to Noodles and Co. (quieter but still no staring), make slow progress to a place like Chili's where you have to sit the whole time and you don't get your own drink refills and then for high school graduation, maybe you can take them to Maggianos!