Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blaine's (very short) bull ride! Then they duct taped "free ice cream" coupons all over a smaller bull and the kids tried not to be killed or trampled while chasing it around tearing off the papers.

It's called Mutton Busting. The kids hold on for dear life while a sheep tears around trying to throw them off. Oddly enough, they loved it. The kids, probably not the sheep.

More Ranch

The Ranch

Here's the pics from our Wilkins Family Reunion in honor of mom & dad's 50th Anniversary. We had such a blast riding horses, shooting arrows, tubing, mutton busting, barrel racing, bull riding and more!

Blaine's Parent's Anniversary Party

These two sweethearts have been married 50 years!!! It is so inspiring to see two people still in love and who have grown to be such a perfect team. I wish I had one of

their wedding pictures so everyone could see what a cute young pair they made. They are pretty darn cute now, too!

Pictures at the Newport Beach Temple

These are from a photo session at the Newport Beach temple for Blaine's parent's 50th Anniversary. I gotta say, our boys clean up pretty well. I just love the one of all three of them holding hands. They do that a lot and it's really sweet.

California Trip

Here's our boys playing in Nana and Papa's pool, always fun!!