Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My knees are great!

Kids are great. Evan has so much personality. He really keeps us laughing, whether it is just making silly faces, talking with a British accent, or singing My Humps (which I honestly have no idea where he learned and I am looking for the culprit for a harsh repremand). Not to say that we don't welcome and encourage our children listening to music, we just push them to listen to only really great music. I was tucking him into bed and he asked me to sing him a night night song. This is a pretty regular thing. However, I don't remember a prouder moment than when he chose the Bad Religion song, "Los Angeles is Burning" for the lullaby.
He is a Sunbeam at church now and after class last Sunday, I asked him if they sang any fun songs in singing time.

He said, "yes, we sang the knee song."

"Oh, head, shoulders, knees and toes?" I asked.

"No, the knee song. The I am a Child of God knee song."


"I am a Child of God, and so my knees are great."

"Oh...yeah, I LOVE that song!"

Ice Skating on New Year's Day

Ice Skating at Southlands is becoming a tradition! Although Evan's favorite part was eating burgers afterwards!

New Year's Fun

Our friends across the street invited us over for a rip-roarin' New Years party! We had such fun playing poker, singing karaoke (Tyler made a mom cry when he sang "Proud to be an American"), and toasting Martinelli's in martini glasses. We finally crashed at about 2:30am! Luckily, we could all sleep in until 10:00 the next day.