Friday, February 6, 2009


Just thought this was a cute scene. Would be even better if Evan could actually READ the paper, but the pictures are fun too, I guess.

Dillon is really into it. He is a great reader and he really spends a lot of time buried in books.


Katie said...

Good lookin' group of VERY INTELLIGENT boys!

Montana Wilkins said...

Dillon looks so handsome in his sweater! That's cute that he's a book worm.
My kids love to steal Ross's Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield books and my old Archie comic books and look at them. Samantha did it before she could read and now loves to read them out loud to herself. I guess the pictures are appealing to them.
Kiss your boys for us!
(Evan's birthday is the 12th, isn't it?)

Megan McCrindle said...

I love these boys.

Suzanne said...

Those pictures are classic! Good for you for capturing the moment:)