Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anti Bucket List

Everyone else is doing it so we thought we'd be the joiners that we are here.

Here is a list of things we will never cry if we don't do:
Go to BYU
Have daughters (that's a cop out cuz' we can't but we are happy with what we got)
Wear Tevas or Crocs
Meet Blossom
Smoke Crack
Pierce anything except maybe a nostril
Live in Arizona
See the Jonas Brothers or any other Disney machine that we are pretty sure is a dare to see just how powerful Disney is and just what sheep americans are
Go to Vegas, except In and Out
Eat fried oreos
Hunt large game
Visit Uzbekistan
Swim with sharks
Sew anything
Meet Tom Cruise or even see him or even hear his voice
Watch Lost
Be pregnant
Quit swearing
sleep in a tent that hangs off a cliff
See REO Speedwagon in concert
Read from the Kabala
Watch that horse race where the ladies all wear big hats and drink mint stuff
that's all we can write because our parents read this sometimes.


Jillyboo said...

LOST would have changed your life, Im telling you.

Terri and Roger said...

HEY YOU! I DO read this regularly. I LOVE BYU. I like Lost. I'm not sure what REO Speedwagon plays (if it's 70's i hate it). And as for daughters - that's too long & detailed a conversation on conditional acceptance to begin. But I love you, Char Bear.

Megan McCrindle said...

Ooo... who is thinking of getting their nose pierced? Charity, I assume.

That would actually look totally cute if you ask me...

Wilkins Family said...

I am a bit worried that it will bring too much attention to such a large feature. hmmmmmmm.

Suzanne said...

Hmm, from that list I don't think we can be friends anymore. :-)

Montana Wilkins said...

I'm glad you didn't actually say you hated BYU. If you two never want to GO there, that's just fine.

I've always wanted to see you guys with a daughter because she would be the coolest girl on the planet and totally ROCK! (And she'd probably be pretty adorable too in her little Van's.)

It always seemed to me that if somebody gets their nose pierced it would just be a big ol' crusty, snotty mess whenever they get a cold. Maybe not?

I am also dreading what tweeny kind of thing will be popular when my kids are that age. I hope it's better than all the stuff that's cranked out now! And I love Disney in general, but don't want to be flooded with stupid merchandise my kids will be embarrassed about as they get older.

Do people actually FRY Oreos? It sounds disgusting! I think I had a little heart attack just reading about it. Blech.

Now that I've written a book on my opinions you probably didn't need let me just say, you're right on that Arizona thing. Having lived 500 yards from the border for two years made me sure I would never be a permanent resident. :o)

Deb said...

I just jumped to your blog from Suzanne's and had to say that I love your anti-bucket list. My personal favorites are: wearing crocs, swearing, having girls, sewing, and Lost. Because if I made an anti-bucket list, I'm pretty sure those would be on mine too. :)