Monday, January 5, 2009

This is for sure

Blaine and I had a teenage friend ask us an interesting question.
"what are you guys going to do with your lives?" he asked, "probably stay together?"
It was interesting because, right now, lots of things are not sure; however, that one thing is for sure.
Blaine and I spent the weekend snowboarding with some shop skaters. We had a really great time and I think that it is so great that we could do that together. We both love to ride and I find it really nice that we support one another having fun. Of course, it is always better when we can have fun together but that is not always possible like it was this weekend. Sometimes he gets to do fun stuff and sometimes I do and sometimes it's equal and sometimes it's not.
We have tried that kind of relationship where we try to out-do eachother with pity parties and see who had the crappiest day but we found it is better to try to have a great day everyday and encourage the same for our family. Blaine loves to know that I had fun and I love to know he had fun.
Truth be told... having fun together knocks the socks off of anything else!


Montana Wilkins said...

You two are so awesome! I love your comment on trying to out-do each other with who had the worst day. Yep. Ross and I do that more than we should as well. But thanks for the reminder on making days good all the time and on keeping on with the one you love.
That picture of you is gorgeous! Oh, and I guess Blaine looks nice too. :o) Did Jill take it? I swear I'm going to have to fly her up here just to take pics of my family!
P.S. Any photos of Dillon?

Anonymous said...

Did you guys just get family pictures done? If those are them, they are really good. Nice to see a blog update, and i enjoyed reading all three of them. Your boys are growing up so much, and so cute.