Monday, January 5, 2009


It's not that I forgot about Dillon, I really thought I had more time to post before anyone read our blog and my day got away before I finished.

I have inadvertently written a little ditty about the kids so here is Dill's:

Dillon is happy.

If that is all I said, it would be enough if you know him.
Dillon loves.

Everything. Everyone.

Dillon has a cute scratchy voice and he worries sometimes that it does not sound good when he sings but it does. He has a goofy smile but it is his real, sincere one; it's just goofy and we love it.

Dillon is trying to learn the words to "You're Beautiful" so that he can sing it to someone someday.

That is Dillon, he is happy and he wants to make you happy. I want to be like him; but he will love me if I'm not.


Jillyboo said...

The second I saw these pictures I just smiled. I adore Dillon. He melts me. I just love, love, love him. Its sort of sad that I am only one of his many Aunts. I feel like I am closer to him than just another Aunt. But I'll take it.

Megan McCrindle said...

Every single person in your family is beautiful and amazing to me. Seriously- I have no clue how I ended up with my whole family being SO rad. I think I must have cheated or something.

I am calling you.

Terri and Roger said...

Isn't it "awesome" (no, truly) how 3 kids- all boys, in the same family- can be so different yet so precious to us in the same way? I just crack up when I think of each of them. Cool Tyler with his hyper-enthusiasm. Cool Dillon with his grin & Austin the Backyardigan voice. Cool Evan with his aloof, but knowing sideglances. I am laughing in my head and on my face right now.