Monday, January 5, 2009

and then along came Evan

Here is Evan:

sometimes he needs a mom, but not as much as I need him.
sometimes he hugs, but mostly he gives high fives with a little bro secret handshake with his daddy.
sometimes he gets dressed and makes his bed and makes himself a peanut butter sandwich before anyone else is up.
sometimes he plays video games in Tyler's closet so no one can find him and make him turn it off.
sometimes he lays down and falls asleep on the dog.
sometimes he sings social distortion songs to himself.
sometimes he just comes up to you and kicks you in the leg.
sometimes he smiles at you, like this, and you just love him and pray he will always love you whatever way he wants to.

1 comment:

Jillyboo said...

evan kills me. your post about him is right on, what a stud! I dont think i will ever meet another quite like Ev Dog.