Friday, March 14, 2008


so...I have this annoying friend that keeps bugging me to update my blog. I am of the thought that, if you want to know how I am, call me. But...

So, here's the latest.
This morning I was going to have oatmeal but then I changed my mind and popped a bag of microwave popcorn. I am not a big fan of the microwave popcorn and much prefer air popped with butter but I was at work so I acted out of desperation. It burned, so I had a cup of tea and a piece of gum.
I am meeting my kids and my man at the movies to see Horton Hears a Who this afternoon and then I'll probably do billing for the shop until 11:00. Hopefully, Blaine and I will get to watch a few episodes of season three of Arrested Development before we pass out. I'll make a point to make some hot air popped popcorn.

Is that what you had in mind Suz?


Suzanne said...

Gee, an entry just for me! Thank you so much. But pictures would have been nice. Maybe one of you eating the popcorn!!! Brat. :-) Love ya!

Jillyboo said...

I am always a fan of updated blogs myself!
Today we told Luke that after Summer we were going to be moving to Colorado. Immediately a huge smile emerged and he said, "thats where Evan lives?" Followed with a, "can I go too?"
We are sooooooo excited and happy!

Suzanne said...

This is your other Suzanne friend! So glad to see an update! I should just pick up the phone and call you. I always have good intentions but I have quiet time just about never and I hate being one of those abnoxious moms on the phone with their kids nagging them in the background. That would be my phone experience these days. Can't wait for Spencer to start kindergarten! Glad to hear you are doing good. And is that your sister Jill moving to Colorado- I'm jealous!

Meg's Movies said...

So this is where I get my 'being a total smart-ass' ness from.

julie said...

I knew I liked you. While you were eating popcorn for breakfast I ate three smores, microwaved and delicious.