Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My knees are great!

Kids are great. Evan has so much personality. He really keeps us laughing, whether it is just making silly faces, talking with a British accent, or singing My Humps (which I honestly have no idea where he learned and I am looking for the culprit for a harsh repremand). Not to say that we don't welcome and encourage our children listening to music, we just push them to listen to only really great music. I was tucking him into bed and he asked me to sing him a night night song. This is a pretty regular thing. However, I don't remember a prouder moment than when he chose the Bad Religion song, "Los Angeles is Burning" for the lullaby.
He is a Sunbeam at church now and after class last Sunday, I asked him if they sang any fun songs in singing time.

He said, "yes, we sang the knee song."

"Oh, head, shoulders, knees and toes?" I asked.

"No, the knee song. The I am a Child of God knee song."


"I am a Child of God, and so my knees are great."

"Oh...yeah, I LOVE that song!"


Jillyboo said...

Evan always keeps everyone laughing. We had so much fun with him when you were out here. I only wish it were more often. Cross your fingers for DY! O man are we going to disappointed if that goes south.

sara and stanford said...

Hi Charity! I found your blog off Jill's. How are you??!! It's fun to see how you guys are doing. :)

Suzanne said...

That's the best story! And it's great you wrote it down so you'll always remember it!

Suzanne said...

Got your message on my blog. Hey, my music rocks! :-)

Jody said...

So cute!

Yea! We found you guys. New you had to be here some where. Hope you don't mind us checking in from time to time. It was so good to see you on your last trip to CA!

Stephanie said...

(Sorry to stalk your blog- I just found the link on the Booth's blog and had to see what your family was up to!)

Bro. Wilkins was my seminary teacher my sophmore year! I think Tyler was maybe 2 and now he is 9?!?!?! Wow, he was the cutest little boy and our class loved it when he would come to seminary. Im so glad you guys look happy and are having fun in Colorado! It was good to see an update on your family.
Take Care-
Stephanie (Bremer) Dulgarian

Suzanne said...

Hey Charity- I love that story! Kids come up with the funniest things. We are just starting to work with Spencer on all the funny words he mis-pronounces so when he gets to kindergarten it will look like we did a good job! Hope you don't mind I have your blog link on my blog. I love to see how your family is doing. Here's my blog.