Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ok, yeah we are all over the place

I am posting away and everything is all out of order, sorry! Those of you who actually check this site often know there is usually not much updated stuff here to count your blessings that we had a random Saturday afternoon that I was desperate for something to do besides the seven loads of laundry stacked up in the laundry room. I'll try to get some more stuff up by the end of the summer.


Suzanne said...

Loved the updates and the new look. I know you're busy, but it sure is nice to see your family on here all updated. :-) Miss ya.

Jillyboo said...

I love, love, love all of your updates. Makes me feel like you're closer to us. Can you believe that in 4 months we will be living in the same city? I am still pinching myself... its so unreal.I am so happy.
Now if only we could get Kim and Ry there... I am really going to miss them.

Jillyboo said...

just for your comment I have decided that no matter what, I am not going to find out! So, hahh. Just watch me do it.

debgodoy said...

hey, it's debbie douglass. I found your blog and decided to leave a comment. i can't believe you have a 10 yr. old! Time goes fast, huh? I loved your story of your son requesting Bad Religion for his lullaby. That was hilarious. And, your post on Mother's Day as well. I think we all feel like that! Your kids are cute! I've got 2 boys and I'm wondering if we go for a 3rd if we will end up with another boy and I will be outnumbered. Well, it looks like your guys are enjoying yourself in Colorado. It was fun to read your blog!