Monday, November 10, 2008

I love skater boys!

Ok, Ok, Dillon's is a little blurry, but this post is about my boys skating. I love that they skate. I love what it teaches them and, yes, I do worry sometimes about the crowd and language they are being exposed to but here are my thoughts...
Boys who play football and lacross swear and drink and have sex.
Boys who go to church every sunday tease other boys and fight with their brothers.
Boys who play tennis care about their hair and what clothes they wear.
Boys who play chess only take baths if they are forced to.
I love that they cheer eachother on when they go together. They go skate with Blaine and when he gives them advice, they listen. They respect that he knows things that they want to know. They respect their dad. That is a good thing.
Tyler asked me if he could say the "d word" when he fell really bad skating. I won't tell you exactly how that conversation went; many of you disagree with my views on profanity, suffice to say, however, my 11 year old asked for my permission to use a bad word and I was honored that he cared for my opinion. I want to live my life so that he will always want to know what I think. It's a lot to shoot for, he's only 11, but it's a great goal.

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