Monday, October 13, 2008

Kids School Pics

Here are Tyler and Dillon's cute school pictures for 2008-09. We put some in the mail for grandparents and stuff, but I thought I'd post some too!
I am not sure why Tyler's hair looks green, we certainly did not color it! The year is going well for them both and being back in public school is so much easier! They usually get the weeks' worth of homework done on Monday, which is nice so that we can have the week to spend fun time together! Last year, Tyler did homework from the time he got home until he went to bed almost every night!
The school had a "sock hop" Friday night and we had a blast. They did face painting, a cake walk, dancing and stuff like that. We are trying to be better about attending school and church family activities instead of always coming up with our own things to do. I don't know why we did that, we always have fun when we join in!
Tyler has a new friend at school who is a competitive snowboarder and they are the new tweedledee and tweedledum. It is so fun, they are such cuties! We are supposed to be going to the skatepark today after school, so I will try to remember the camera! No promises, know me.


Montana Wilkins said...

Those are some handsome boys! I'm glad to hear things are looking up with the a change in schools. We miss you guys, as always. I wish there was some way to make Montana and Colorado closer. One of these days we are going to come and see you!
Love, Janet

KYoho said...

Wow, they are getting so big! It was great to hear from you and hopefully we can see you guys sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

They are so big now. Such cute boys. Getting ready for the snow?

Suzanne said...

It's amazing to me how much they look alike. I've always thought they looked like brothers, of course, but really Dillon looks like a younger Tyler to me. Cute pics!