Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tyler is 10

Tyler is TEN! Tyler had a really fun birthday party. He wanted a "teenager style" party, so we couldn't have any balloons or lame games or anything. We set up skateboard ramps out front and video games inside along with movies and lots of pizza. We had ice cream sundaes instead of the cake so the kids snacked on toppings all night long. It was such fun and the kids all had a great time! Here are some pics of the guitar hero playoffs, a few of them in the movie room watching something totally "teenager like" and Tyler opening his presents. Happy Birthday Tyler! We hope you love being 10!

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Jillyboo said...

Tyler is such a big kid now, I am dying that he is 10!!!! That's just crazy to me. 2 more years and he'll be in mutual.