Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our sweet dog!

We got Indie from a rescue that saved her from an abusive home in Utah. She had been chained in the backyard so we really did not know how much work we were in for. Turns out, she is pretty much the most perfect dog we have ever heard of!
We have only had her for about a week and a half and we've never had to worry one second about her. We saw right away that she was a good girl and that she really wanted us to trust her, so we did! We just trust her and give her the opportunity to show us how good she is and she has yet to let us down. She stays home in the house while we are gone for sometimes 4 or 5 hours and has never gotten into anything or made even one mess. The kids eat their waffles on the floor by her and she never tries to steal their food.
She is fun and playfull when we take her out to play fetch or run around but calms down immediately when we come in and just lays and lets us all pet her and love her. The boys love it when she snuggles with us while we do our devotional at night. She is really such a great addition to the family!
She is a tiny thing, about 45 pounds and about 5 or 6 years old. We just love her so much and she brings everything that we wanted a dog to bring to our home and our family! We can't wait for everyone to meet Indie!!!

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Jillyboo said...

she is so dang cute. I am so happy that you guys found the perfect dog, I know how hard it was for you all to give away Bucky. This sounds like the best fit for you... and us. Can we have her?