Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

This is the holiday I hate most. The kids are not old enough to have money or transportation to buy the things they know moms want to so we rely on husbands to shop for them, which, of course, never happens how we imagine. What are we really imagining, though? Diamonds, massages, sonnets of praise written by the 5 year old? So we spend the day at church listening to eulogies from children who must have had these perfect moms that were like saints, supermodels, and spiderman all wrapped into one. They are praised for never yelling, heaven forbid spanking, and always having a clean house and warm cookies each afternoon. They had memorised the bible and would quote it each time the child was tempted to go astray, stopping them in their tracks because they couldn't stand the thought of mama's tears if they made a bad choice. Ok, that just makes me feel guilty because all I REALLY want for Mother's Day is not to be mom for the day, is that bad? Seriously, though, just sing us the primary song, give us the treat and lets all go home.

I asked to skip the holiday. Because my husband knows many things, the kids were woken up at dawn and I had breakfast in bed. I stayed in that bed until 11:30 and then got ready for church. He did all the mom duties all day and even cooked dinner that night. I know I said I wanted to skip it, but it really was great. I will reconsider allowing the holiday next year.

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