Saturday, May 19, 2007

Field Day

The kids are at this new Charter School this year and it has been such a fantastic experience. Last week, they had an end of the year Field Day. It was completely over the top awesome! They had it at a big park and the field was all chalked and everything was so fun. It was an Olympics theme and each class got a country to represent a few weeks ago. They've been studying their county, mostly just some fun fact and music and things like that. Then each class had tshirts made up for them. Dillon's had the grade and school logo on it and they put stickers on from Italy. Tyler's shirts had the Russian flag and his name in Russian.

Tyler got a silver medal over all and Dillon got a gold. They both ran, jump roped, tagged and scored their little hearts out. It was a fun and exhausting day for them and we finished it all up with ice cream at Baskin Robbins. In true form, I forgot the camera so as soon as somebody emails me pics of my kids, I'll post them!

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Jill said...

That sounds so fun. Congrats to the biys on a job well done!
And I love this new site, it looks great.
Love you guys,