Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We love our Knucklehead!

OK, I don't remember the last time I was as excited about kids clothes as I was today when this shipment came! Evan got some "testers", gotta love it when mommy and daddy own a skate shop! Just wanted to post his cute pictures in this stuff. Knuckleheads Clothing rocks!


Jillyboo said...

It has to be said...ev is so seriously cute. Especially in his new rockin clothes.
Dave palyed softball against Scotty Roberts last night. He looks exactly the way he did the last time I saw him, and he's a good ball player. They live in GG.

julie said...


I had to sneak a peek at your blog when I saw you on Jills. I caan't believe how big your oldest is! And colorado? I had no idea you had moved. I just knew you were out of the Christensens ward. Hope you love it there. It looks beautiful!

Anyway, had to comment on this post because my dearest and oldest friend owns the company knuckleheads! She is super creative and talented and her stuff is very unique. I'm dying to put my baby in her snap shirts! Anyway, small world!

Tell Blaine hello for me.